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Gipra Business Solution are passionate in delivering world-class web solutions that builds your brand, business and customer relationship.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services in digital space mainly on the internet to reach a global market place within the targeted areas or audience in a cost-effective and measurable way than traditional marketing. Digital marketing is vital for modern business due to the increase in day by day internet usage so it is important for business owners to convert their business in the digital platform to attain marketing goals and for better results.


We build bespoke software that work for your business & your clients. We made use of the ingenious approaches to Web development for bringing the front-end, back-end & architecture together to meet your business needs. We follow a web development strategy where we not only look at your present business footprints but the future footsteps as well. So GIPRA’s Web development team will help to create the best technology roadmap to achieve your desired objectives.


We create the best in class high performance custom made web & mobile applications for your diverse business needs. We have the best team of professionals to design, develop & host applications according to your requirements, size and budget. We can empower your business by creating the most adaptive & responsive applications built using the most cutting-edge technologies & platforms.

Web Design

It’s all about beauty as much as science. So we have the best Designing experts to elevate the user experience that allow your products to soar into future. We use the best design tools & technology available to create the World-class digital products by understanding the future needs of the people, businesses & environment which will help the organizations to enhance the value they provide to people.


We are one of the leading data analytics service providers in the country with a large customer base who have benefited from our dedicated services. A powerful data analytics solution will foresee the exact way your business works and will also provide faster insights which will help you to achieve the Heights. Our expert team of analytics will help your businesses to eradicate the existing issues to fulfil your desired objectives. We also provide our customers with a complete range of services that enable them to solve all kinds of data problems and generate informative reports along with interactive dashboards that help them develop highly responsive and positive business operations strategies.

Managed IT

Managed IT Services will help to keep your employees more productive, potent and engaged on meeting your business as well as your clients’ needs. GIPRA provides the best people, processes and technologies to support your IT environment whether you have no IT team, a small team or an in-house full IT department. Our flexible and agile solutions will optimize technology for sustainable business growth and profitability, empowering you to go where you want to grow. Our proficient team of IT professionals and full-service suite of IT solutions are available round the clock to ensure your success.


We provide best IT outsourcing solutions to cater to the requirements of the clients. You can rely on us, as your in-house team as we work with full transparency & take responsibility for the services we deliver. We can help to setup a software Outsourcing team for any kind of technological development & get access to the leading tech crew in India. We will help you to find the best talented ones at a reasonable cost. With a team of professionals we have managed to overcome the linguistic, physical, geographic & cultural barriers to communicate across the different stages of software development and manage the inter-team relation.

IT Consulting

We provide the most credible IT consulting services to business & enterprises of all levels. Our IT consulting experts will help you to develop the most inventive solutions and strategies which will help in making the most of the investments in technology to gain a leading edge. Our experts are equipped to handle your projects & strategies with tailor-made solutions for all your business needs. Also we work by merging industry’s best practices and expertise to help you secure the maximum benefits. With us, you will have a better understanding of the emerging technologies, best design practices, with a reliable & flexible strategy to achieve sustained results.

IT Support

No matter whatever advanced technologies we have, sometimes issues are inevitable and even a simple failed connection sometimes can cause devastating effect on your business or clients. So the need of the hour is an immediate IT support to fix those issues before they get worse. Therefore GIPRA is here for you. We are proud to offer customised IT support approach for companies of diverse requirement, sizes, platforms and budget, providing your business with access to resources and services 24x7. Even it’s a single solution to an IT issue you are facing or are considering a fully managed IT package, our crew of experts can provide you finest remote or on-site assistance to help you run a trouble-free operation & smoothly carry out your business to more heights. We can either integrate with your in-house teams or as a standalone fully outsourced IT department to provide round the clock, seamless IT support


The cyber-attacks are increasing at an alarming rate across the world. Irrespective of size or market share all the businesses are now becoming the victims of cyber-attacks. Therefore it’s the need of the hour to have a well secured system in order to carry out your business smoothly. With no cyber security actions implemented, a lot business used to get extinct within a year. Ransom ware, Data leaks, Phishing… all are dreadful episodes for any kind of business. Therefore GIPRA offers you 360° security system for all your IT assets. Our experts will build the finest security gateways to diffuse any kind of threats before it enters the perimeter

Testing & QA

We provide the cutting-edge testing solutions with our seasoned & expert QA professionals. Our quality analysts work with your team to identify, fix, and prevent software quality issues. We offer a broad spectrum of software testing& QA services such as Automation testing, Manual testing, Performance testing, Code Verification, Security testing & Compatibility Testing to help our clients to deliver a flawless & optimally performing software to their users

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