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What’s Gipra

It is righty said that journeys creates the most beautiful memories of life. GIPRA is one such elegant journey. We, the GIPRA Online Business Solution are the top- reviewed leading Software & Technology Solutions in India.

Our Purpose

We are the best because we have the best expertise & technology with us to deliver you the desired results. Whether you want to develop a fully functional website for e-commerce, multi-level marketing, technology, lifestyle or anything else you wish, our team is here to help you from beginning till the end.

We Have a Team Of Specialists

We have an exquisite team of specialists to help you in transforming your business ideas using the best tools based on Requirements, Size, Time & Budget of your Project.


Deep Research Oriented Strategies

We use the best strategies & solutions for acquiring New customers as well as retaining Existing customers with continuous improvements through Data Intelligence.


We Are Result Oriented

We genuinely care about the impact of our product on your business organisation , therefore we are deeply focus on delivering the best possible solutions for your end-users.


Your Most Credible Partner

We assure you the State-of-the-art Software Solutions, Bespoke Security, Customer friendly Services & Support to amply your business with quality & excellence


Our Products

We have the best class products stashed with all the premium features, created out of cutting edge technology to dominate in any complex competitive business environments. Our specialists are focused to provide you the finest bespoke technological solutions to enchant more and more customers to your business.

The following are some of our signature products

E-Commerce Software

Are to planning to start an e-commerce business? Then we are here to transform your vision into a successful business venture. We design, develop and deliver the leading edge e-commerce websites packed with all the advanced features to successfully set up an e-commerce business.

Direct Marketing Software

Want to start your Direct Selling business with the finest Directing Marketing Software ever? We have the top specialists pioneered in Direct Marketing Software Development equipped with the best tools. We offer you the most advanced direct marketing software with all the premium features & the required expertise to manage it on your own.

ERP Projects

If you have a business, you will need an enterprise planning resource system, and in case you don't know how, then we are here to help you. With us you can make better business decisions, smarte

Franchise Billing Software

Centralised real time franchise data using GIPRA's franchise management software, franchisors can oversee all their franchisees data sets like billing, revenue collected, customer information and taxation. Real time updates help you track growth and also identify underperforming franchises. The Gipra's software gives you a detailed top level view of the financial performance of all your franchises and helps manage your network.

IT Consulting

Are you planning to level-up your business? Then our experts will help you to develop the most inventive solutions and strategies which will help in making the most out of the investments in technology to gain a leading edge. With us, you will have a better understanding of the emerging technologies, best design practices, with a reliable & flexible strategy to achieve sustained results.

IT Outsourcing

We provide the best IT outsourcing solutions to cater your requirements. You can rely on us, as your in-house team as we work with full transparency & take responsibility for the services we deliver. We can help you to setup a Software Outsourcing team for any kind of technological development & get access to the leading tech crew in India at a reasonable cost.

About Company

We started this amazing journey back in 2012 with a script to create the worldclass, cutting edge software solutions at an affordable cost. This script was perfectly directed by our most creative tech experts who are vowed to deliver the premium bespoke products to our clients. For the past 10 years we are also specialised in business development services with 100+ happy clients from all across the globe who fall for our expertise, credibility & hospitality.

Kamash Gipra

Managing Director

With over 15 years of result-oriented and competent professional experience in the IT and Software industry, I am currently the Founder-Managing Director of GIPRA Business Solution Pvt. Ltd, a leading business application software development company in India. I am also the Director at Nortvis Pvt. Ltd, a Software consultancy service and another private organization. I have helped many companies to grow their business in every vertical. Equipped with a B-tech degree in Information Technology, my long career has gifted me the expertise to quickly identify solutions, make plans and implement strategies in challenging environments to push up revenue and profitability. During my initial 15 years in Software Development, I have developed many business application software, that created many job opportunities and increased the clients' business earnings.


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What Our Major Clients Say About Us

We believe that the Satisfied Customers are our Greatest Assets and their Words are our Greatest Advertisement.

GIPRA’s profound expertise in UI/UX designing in unparallel and it played a major part in the success of our e-commerce website. They have a wise strategy to sort out all the road blocks which is just amazing. This was our first experience with the company and the results they have given us are excellent.

Allie Grater


You have done an incredibly fast and flawless work. Your team has even anticipated the things that I missed out. I know that developing an outstanding website in a competitive environment in really hard, but you guys have done that. Great!

Macey Bruen


If you need to level up your business, then GIPRA is my best suggestion for you. We have been working with them for many years and still they have never compromised on quality or excellence of the products.

Katharina Prohaska


The professionalism & personalised service we got from GIPRA is intangible. They are truly a trust worthy partner. We had a very good experience with them. They have the right skills, so I recommend them for future. Best wishes to GIPRA!


Bizzare Group

I really appreciate team GIPRA for their quality & commitment to finish the project on time. They have a highly talented pool of developers. Highly recommended for for PHP, Java, .net, Android based projects.

Kadin Wiegand


This is our 3rd project with GIPRA & we believe they are the Best in what they do. The best part is that they don’t hesitate even when we come up with new ideas in between. Thanks for your kind cooperation & fast work. We love to work with you in future.

Ian Corkery


We choose GiPRA because they have done many similar web applications and our choice was right, they delivered us the best solution. The thing we love the most is that they neither complicate things nor use technical jargons, instead of that they just simplify things. Really Great!

Arjith Gupta


Our Major Clients

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